Month: November 2015

FreeLoader Child Carrier LEVEL UP

Months ago I started the search for a better way to carry our son on my back.  Zeke has cerebral palsy, and can’t walk without some extensive foot/leg hardware and a walker.  Even then he’s limited to hard,… Read More

Server 2012 R2 RRAS VPN Disconnected

Trying to get Remote Access VPN configured on a cloud server and had some issues connecting.  Here’s the error: the user connected to port vpn has been disconnected because no network protocols were successfully negotiated Turns out I… Read More

Snow is in the air

Wife and I were at the LL Bean store today.  Picked up some jeans, and a pair of Altai Hok ski/snowshoes.  I’ve never run into these things before, but I’m incredibly excited to try them out.  With the… Read More