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McDonald’s McPlay Toys Won’t Scan

You may find yourself at a McDonald’s at some point, against your will and with small children.  You may find that you can’t get the new (in my case) Skylander’s Supercharge toys to scan into the < 2… Read More

FreeLoader Child Carrier LEVEL UP

Months ago I started the search for a better way to carry our son on my back.  Zeke has cerebral palsy, and can’t walk without some extensive foot/leg hardware and a walker.  Even then he’s limited to hard,… Read More

Server 2012 R2 RRAS VPN Disconnected

Trying to get Remote Access VPN configured on a cloud server and had some issues connecting.  Here’s the error: the user connected to port vpn has been disconnected because no network protocols were successfully negotiated Turns out I… Read More

Snow is in the air

Wife and I were at the LL Bean store today.  Picked up some jeans, and a pair of Altai Hok ski/snowshoes.  I’ve never run into these things before, but I’m incredibly excited to try them out.  With the… Read More

The Last Day

Lets be honest; I don’t need too many reasons to sit on my couch on a Saturday and drink whiskey.  Likewise, I don’t usually have blog-worthy experiences… but here we go. Let me start by saying, my Big… Read More

Sharepoint and 2012R2 Explorer View

I fought this for quite a while – I had a client who needed a huge amount of documents uploaded to Sharepoint. The number of individual documents was too large to use the folder sync through OneDrive.  Too… Read More

Dell Opitplex 755 Low Voltage Issue

I put this short video together for an end user about a year ago, and since then several people have found it via YouTube…  When the BIOS battery on the Dell Optiplex machines goes dead, the type of… Read More