McDonald’s McPlay Toys Won’t Scan

You may find yourself at a McDonald’s at some point, against your will and with small children.  You may find that you can’t get the new (in my case) Skylander’s Supercharge toys to scan into the < 2 star rated McPlay app.  You may find a happy meal has descended into a third circle of hell meal.  Such was my plight – googling “how to get McPlay toys to scan” only returned page after page of “I hate this, I can’t fix it” reviews.

Friends, the answer is here:

Clicking the little menu on the top left will show you this is a youtube playlist.  A playlist of videos of the toys that McDonalds is handing out in their 3rd Circle meals.  Don’t scan the toy, scan the video.  It works.

After you’ve saved the day, it may occur to you that you could scan all kinds of other toys that you may or may not have physically received in said meal.  I’ll leave it up to you if you want to go from 3rd Circle to 4th Circle.