Snow is in the air

Wife and I were at the LL Bean store today.  Picked up some jeans, and a pair of Altai Hok ski/snowshoes.  I’ve never run into these things before, but I’m incredibly excited to try them out.  With the snow on the way (already one small storm to our name in November) I’ve been considering snow shoes for my daily dog walks.  Historically, I hate snow shoes.

We’ve got a fair sized mesa behind the house, and while we were walking yesterday I looked at it and realized I needed to hike it and ski it the next time we had a good storm.  These “Skoe” suckers might be exactly what I need.  Skoe (as I’ve recently learned) isn’t a new type of chewing tobacco, but a hybrid ski/snowshoe.  They’re light (5 pounds including the binding) and the universal bindings mean I can hike in my Merrel boots when I need to.  YouTube seems to suggest that a telemark downhill approach is needed.

Which means I get to work on that – I have no telemark skills.  But I’ve always been fascinated by those gnarley old-school guys with their unhinged heels.  Never wanted to sink the money into a set up only to find out I hated it – these will be the perfect way to try it out without committing too much.  After all, if I have no heel skills, I can always just use them as shoeskiis.  I mean Skoes.

Forecast says perhaps snow in the next few days.  Fingers crossed!